Hello world!

The gazebo on the farm

Welcome to my very first blog. My husband Roberto and I recently bought a small farm near Cartagena, Colombia in a little pueblo called Sincerin. I figured since we are starting a new adventure, leaping into the unknown, it would be an excellent time to start this new blog and encourage family, friends, and strangers to ride along. 

Call us crazy! We know nothing about farming. It’s a small place, about 4 acres (1-1/2 hectares), and already has fruit trees, pineapple plants, plantains, and bananas. There is electricity, water, and septic, but we need to make a new house. We’re in the States at the moment, leaving on Sunday to make friends with our property.

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One Response to Hello world!

  1. Liliana Hill says:

    Dear friends, so happy to hear from you and this blog is a great idea. I’m ready to take the journey along with you. Sounds exciting and though you will meet challenges along the way, I believe the end result will be so rewarding. It looks beautiful!!! Enjoy, be safe and wish you the best of everything. Love you…Lil

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