First re-visit to our farm


Maracuya fruit yet to ripen. Will turn yellow.


Lots of butterflies on the farm.

Stopped by our lawyer’s office in Arjona, a bigger town than Sincerin, and about 10 minutes from our farm by bus or car. We found out that the caretakers of the former owner are still living on the farm and that the former owner still has two cows and three horses grazing on our land. Roberto had given her permission to do so but she’s no longer paying the caretakers nor the electricity since October so we have to step in and resolve this situation. She needs to get her animals off the land now and pay us for grazing if she won’t pay the caretakers for this last month that they’re there. The caretakers are a couple with two kids and we felt bad that the woman said she had no money since the former owner stopped paying them. We gave her about 30 dollars in Col. pesos and took the electric bill from her so we could pay it. It wasn’t a big sum and was only for one month. Goodwill is important I think and the caretakers are leaving at the end of this month. As far as the farm, there’s stuff growing like millet, eggplant, achiote, corn, plantains, ahuyama, papaya, sugar cane, maracuya, mango, guayaba, and so forth, but it’s very disorganized–just spread around willy-nilly. It’s still the rainy season and parts of the land were muddy from the night-before rain. Rains should end in December or thereabouts. Talked to Roberto’s cousin about building costs. He says around 5 million pesos ($3000) to build a simple 7 mtr x 7 mtr dwelling. That would be fantastic and within our budget. Next we have to find a place to live that’s closer to the farm so we can begin work. One of Roberto’s cousins will probably accommodate us in an apt. that he has. Just don’t know when. Everything is poco a poco.

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One Response to First re-visit to our farm

  1. Diana A says:

    It is wonderful what you both are doing and certainly a daring adventure Helen Keller would admire )

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