What I’m Seeking

Why did we buy this farm? It’s because I’m seeking a healthier lifestyle than I have in the U.S.–a place where I can grow my own food and be sure of how it was grown. I want my own chickens so I can see the eggs they lay and know for sure that they weren’t given growth hormones or antibiotics. That they roamed freely and picked the bugs off our ground. I don’t drink cow’s milk so I don’t worry about what’s in the milk, but I’d love to have a goat and drink her milk and make goat cheese. I adore peace and quiet–to be able to hear the flies buzz and the birds chirp to each other. I crave the night sky–to see the complete blanket of stars end to end as far as my neck will stretch, without the light pollution of the city. I seek inner and outer peace. I seek a sense of community. And I get to seek all of this with my beloved husband, my partner for 31 years.

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