Farm update

Roberto and I feel we’re making progress toward our farm, even though from outward appearances it doesn’t look like anything has happened. The former owner still has her two cows and three horses on our property, eating grass and drinking water. We’re trying to work through our lawyer to contact her. The caretaker, Juan, is still on the property and, because he needs work to support his family, Roberto will hire him to cut grass, help clean up the property, and fix the roof on our gazebo. Later he can help the builder build. This past Monday, Roberto went to Sincerin, the very humble pueblo where our farm is located, to change the water service to our name. He met his cousin, Jose Raul, who is a very good businessman and community leader. Jose Raul knows of our building and farm plans and has decided to take Roberto under his wing and, basically, take charge of the building process using local people. He knows everyone in the town. He introduced Roberto to this and that person who are tradespeople, and to the mason, Media Vida, who will build our simple dwelling. Media Vida (Half Alive) is his nickname. I don’t know his real name, but he got that nickname when he was once very ill and not expected to survive. But he did. Media Vida has already done some work for Jose Raul so we know he’s good. And Roberto met a bunch more cousins–half the pueblo. Getting things done in this part of the world is all about relationships. You want to get to know the people you’ll be dealing with, and they want to get to know you. Small-town life is the same everywhere, I guess. It’s also about establishing trust. Roberto’s cousins say that our caretaker Juan is a good and honest person. That’s more than an adequate recommendation as far as we’re concerned. I didn’t go with Roberto this particular day and it’s just as well. He was able to move around a lot faster without me as I get overheated and tire easily. We should be moving out to Sincerin either before Christmas or after to stay in another cousin’s (Fredy) rental apartment, and, hopefully, begin building in January.

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