Farm Update #4

Well, it turns out the building cost differences were because the first estimate was for a smaller dwelling (6 x7 meters) and we want to build something that’s 8 x 8 meters. So even though we’re not happy about the higher cost, I think we’ll go with it anyway, hoping we can get Media Vida to lower his labor cost.

Roberto goes back out to Sincerin on Monday with money to start buying the materials. Also, we’ll be moving out there this week. Yay! I want some peace and quiet. It’s so noisy and busy where I live now, both inside the house and outside on the street.

Hey! I went on Google Maps and found our farm. I put in “Sincerin, Bolivar, Colombia” in the search area and up came the town. Our farm is off Rte 90 where there is a distinct curve in the road at the far end of town. There’s a road there that is perpendicular to Rte. 90. Our farm is on the left side of the road, going inward, after the open land that abuts the highway. You can see two structures on the property–the gazebo and the broken-down house that the caretakers live in. It was VERY exciting to see our farm on the map. Let me know if you find it too.

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2 Responses to Farm Update #4

  1. Terre says:

    Hi Maya! How exciting for you!!! I love hearing about the day to day process of making this huge change in your life and working through the fear that comes up! You’re making a dream come true, and that’s inspiring!

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