Farm Update #6


Building materials ready to use.

Building materials ready to use.

Yesterday and today the real work

Squaring off the dimensions

Squaring off the dimensions

started and I’ve got the pics to prove it. Roberto has been doing a lot with the going back and forth to Sincerin. It means taking two buses each way–a trip of about 2 hours depending on the traffic. I went with him on Thursday and it almost killed me. I came back really exhausted and was still exhausted today. It’s the heat and the standing on my feet that kills me. We left Sincerin too late on Thursday, around 5 p.m., so that all the buses passing us on the main road were full, and they wouldn’t stop. It was getting dark. I was getting worried about whether we would get back to Cartagena at all. It didn’t help that Roberto’s cousin-in-law kept standing next to us so it looked like there were 3 people waiting for the bus instead of 2. After about an hour of waiting and sticking out our arms for every commercial vehicle that passed, a bus finally stopped. It was already full so we had to stand most of the way back to Cartagena. At that point, there was no

Laying the boards to pour a foundation floor

Laying the boards to pour a foundation floor

choice. I wanted to get home. On Sunday, Roberto is supposed to move to Sincerin to an apartment in his cousin’s house. I’ve got some editing work to do, so I’ll stay behind and maybe join him the following week. The apt. needs a stove but has a refrigerator and other furniture, or so I’m told. I need to have a good, reliable internet connection.

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One Response to Farm Update #6

  1. Diana A says:

    Wow, sounds like Thursday was a really exhausting day. I’m glad the building has commenced : ) Before ya know it you’ll have your dream place sitting right on top of that gorgeous land.

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