Farm Update #7

The walls are going up and the rooms are divided off.

The walls are going up and the rooms are divided off.

I spent the weekend in Sincerin in the apartment that Roberto’s cousin, Fredy, is letting us use. The former renters finally moved out. They were a group of men who were working on building 35 government-sponsored houses in the area. So Roberto and I moved in. There’s no refrig or stove and we don’t have any pots. We’ll get around to getting those things soon. We’ll use them in the apt and then transfer them to our house when that’s finished.

Sincerin is hot and dusty and my feet dried out terribly. Then my skin started itching and I was pretty uncomfortable. Because the streets aren’t paved, there’s lots of dust and dirt floating around. But the farm is a different story. There’s so much lush green flora along the fence that faces the road, and so many plants inside, that the dirt doesn’t get in. If you sit under the bohio (the thatched roof pavilion), it’s cool and breezy. I’m hoping our house will be that way, too. Our first complication came up this week when the local junta who is in charge of the electric grid, cut off our electricity. It’s all political bullshit of people wanting to throw their weight around, so we’ve decided to get our own transformer. That way we will be directly connected to lines that the electric company owns and we won’t be beholding to anyone. Roberto got very frustrated about this situation until he came up with this solution. He didn’t like being at the mercy of these “extortionists.”

I love the farm and think it’s going to be a wonderfully peaceful place when we move in.

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