Two photos from the farm

030 031While I was on the farm last weekend, I got to behold the beautiful sunset that occurs every evening, and, of course, I took a picture.

On another level, but still beautiful in its own way I suppose, we encountered a wasp nest in one of our trees. I’d never seen this kind of wasp before, so we looked it up on the Internet and found out its name. Its a species of paper wasp called apoica pallens, quite common in South America. They are large with white bodies, as you can see. Nocturnal in nature. I don’t know what they eat at night, but there they are all nicely huddled together during the day.

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2 Responses to Two photos from the farm

  1. Diana A says:

    Great pictures. The wasps probably eat smaller insects.

  2. mayadeb02 says:

    Not sure. They may live off of pollen. Here’s the website for a research article about them. Really not very much is known b/c they haven’t been studied extensively.

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