Farm Update #9

Resting in the bohio

Resting in the bohio

My son, a friend, my sister-in-law, and I went out to the farm this past Tuesday to see how things were going. They’d never been there before. It was so hot at noontime that I almost couldn’t move. We ate lunch at Fanny’s where our temporary apartment is located. I was supposed to move out there. That was the plan, but the water and all the dust flying around don’t seem to sit well with me, so I stay in Cartagena most of the time where it’s a bit cooler.

We hopped on a mototaxi with a small covered carriage in the back so we could all fit. It’s a handy mode of transportation. The driver took us out to the farm about a half km. away on the edge of town. It was hot on the farm too, but after an hour or so a pleasant breeze kicked up and swept through the bohio (the thatch-covered gazebo). Because this is the dry season and Sincerin is not paved, the dust and dirt starts to stick to you as you sweat. I don’t sweat much, so I think I feel the heat more than others, but the dirt sticks to me nonetheless. We rested and gathered up some harvested goodies–eggplant, ahuyama, achiote, and millet.

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I took pictures of the house but forgot to photograph the outside with the new roof on it. I only did the inside. Silly me! (My brain was a bit scrambled from the heat.) The men were working on plastering the inside with cement so the wall would be smooth. In another section of the farm, a man was digging our well so that we can have endless “sweet” water.

Our friend, Boris, who does a lot of work on the house.

Our friend, Boris, who does a lot of work on the house.

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2 Responses to Farm Update #9

  1. Diana A says:

    The inside of the house looks great so far. Everything is coming along quickly : ) I look forward to more photos! Haha, Maritza looks comfortable in that hammock. I can see myself in that hammock too ; )

  2. mayadeb02 says:

    I’ll put up another hammock just for you:)

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