What’s that red stuff?

Achiote seed pods

Achiote seed pods

Achiote is a red spice used in Latin American cooking and products like Sazon. We discovered that we have two achiote bushes which were overflowing with dried-looking, spiky groups of round pods. Roberto cut off the pods, ending up with a whole sack of them which he brought to his sister in Cartagena.


Achiote ready to use in cooking.

Achiote ready to use in cooking.





It’s a bit of a tedious process to open each pod, extract the red achiote and then strain them until they’re clean, but his sister ended up with a whole mess of it.

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3 Responses to What’s that red stuff?

  1. Diana A says:

    That’s great. It does sound like a bit of work to get to the achiote but they’ll all be set for a while. They can cross that off the grocery list : )

  2. MaricelaG says:

    I can’t wait to hear some more about your farming. I hope to be able to buy a farm at some point as well.

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