The film festival is here–FICCI 53!


Ah, one of my favorite events of the year in Cartagena–the film festival. It started on the 21st and ends the 27th. I love it for the eclectic mix of people that it brings and also because last year and this, it’s FREE to everyone. One little catch though–the visitors with badges get in to everything first and then the common folk. There are only two venues that are large enough to have the possibility (if you get there early and stand on line) of getting in. The Convention Center is one and the other is the Teatro Heredia, now called Teatro Adolfo Mejia.

Teatro Heredia is the most beautiful theater I have ever seen. It was falling into ruins several years ago but fortunately was saved and restored into an elegant venue, one where you can feel the history seeping from every corner, smell the musky mildew that must still be a problem, and pretend that you are living in the early 1900s and have come to see a special performance. I’ve included some photos below so that you can get a sense of why I love this building.

There are tons of movies to see if you have the patience and can get in. I go  shorts (cortometrajes) because they are not as popular and I rather endure 10 minutes of a short I don’t like or understand, then 110 minutes of a long movie that I feel the same way about. I hope you enjoy the photos of the theater and the ambiance of Cartagena in early evening. (As you can see, I have a thing for sunsets.)

DSC03603 006 002 007 014

018 015 023

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2 Responses to The film festival is here–FICCI 53!

  1. Margarita Sorock says:

    Nice photos of the Teatro Adolfo Mejía.

  2. MaricelaG says:

    Looks great!! Beautiful theater.

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