Bruno Mars–My Man

Singer Bruno MarsDon’t get me wrong; I love my husband. But I also love Bruno Mars. So what if I have two children older than he is and I could be his mom. Attraction is attraction, and I love his songs, too. Take his “Grenade” video. He’s hauling a piano through the streets to sing to a girl who doesn’t even care about him. And my current favorite, “When I Was Your Man.” Bruno is quite a character with a great sense of humor.

Now what’s this got to do with my lessons on life theme? Well, I had a big struggle in my mind the other night, a regular fistfight, about whether to get tickets to see him in Boston in June. One part of me thought it was crazy to go to Boston to a concert that would be filled with people half my age or younger!!! I haven’t been to a live concert in about 40 years and never drove 4 hours to one either. But the other part of me, the one that won out, said, “Hey, caregivers are supposed to take special care of themselves as well and if that’s what you want to do…GO FOR IT, GIRL! I am rewarding myself, you see. The lesson? Well, what do you think it might be?

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4 Responses to Bruno Mars–My Man

  1. Diana says:

    Good for you! And definitely, “Go girl!” : ) You should treat yourself. The lesson?…maybe that we shouldn’t deny ourselves; that if feels good when others give us gifts but that it is also important to give ourselves little gifts, especially when we become caregivers since in that role what we do is give and give to another. Caregiving, although it can be rewarding, can also be energy draining. The concert will be a chance for you to re-energize and replenish that energy store.

  2. Jo says:

    Love, is love. You love your husband, Bruno, your mom … but in order to give to all of these … you must first love yourself! Evidently, you do. Lesson learned – well done! ENJOY!

    • mayadeb02 says:

      Yes, Joanne. That is true too. By my getting the tickets for a concert I really want to see, I’m expressing love for myself. After I got over the initial shock of “Did I really do that?” I felt very pleased with myself.

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