Road Trip on Monday

OMG! I’m going on a road trip from Pennsylvania to College Station, Texas, a journey of 1642 miles (according to Google Maps) or 1680 miles (according to Mapquest), ONE WAY. Either one is pretty damn far, farther than I’ve driven in a long time. Kind of scary and exciting, the two emotions are interlocked. We’re leaving early Monday morning. Did I mention that I’m going with my 30 year-old daughter? She loves long-distance driving. I do not.

She’s going to Texas A & M University in the fall and needs housing. We’re looking for her first house to buy. Pickings are slim, so wish us luck. In fact, I need everyone’s prayers for a safe journey, so send them on, please.

I’ll blog a bit from the road if I can. Oh, and we’re not taking our three dogs or mom or hubby.

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3 Responses to Road Trip on Monday

  1. Diana says:

    I’m excited about our trip too. It will nice to get away for a bit and see more of the country. Look out Texas ’cause here we come! : )

  2. isannemarie says:

    Go, Maya, Go!
    Relax, enjoy the scenery and, most of all, your time with your daughter. When I was thirty, I took my mother to China and this time together is still a vivid memory. Please, find some time to write. I am really looking forward to reading about this trip! Pascale

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