There’s No Place Like Home

Back from Texas this past Friday. The last leg of the journey we did a straight 30 hours driving with 2 hours of rest. My daughter is an awesome long-distance driver. Should have been a trucker. LOL. She did 90% of the driving and 60% of the complaining, about me mostly.

Sorry! I didn’t blog from the road. Every night I was just too tired. Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana are sort of a blur as we went through them pretty quickly, but here’s a photo of a Louisiana sky. 013

Virginia, near the Tennessee border, surrounded by the Smoky Mountains, is a place I could go back to. 006

So I’m sure you’d like to know if it was a successful trip? Did we find a suitable property? One that is not too far from Diana’s school (Texas A & M), but quiet and fenced in for the dogs? The answer is YES! We found a two-bedroom mobile home on 1.25 acres, in foreclosure, 20 minutes from the campus, and fenced in on four sides. Perfect, I would say!! Diana put in an offer and we’re waiting to hear if the bank accepts it. We had the nicest realtor to show us around. Bill was patient and knowledgeable on a deal that’s not going to net much commission for him. I think he took a fatherly interest in Diana since he has grown kids of his own.

All I can say is it’s sure damn good to be home and off the road. Total mileage was about 3,400. Here’s me doing my 10% of the driving.  011

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5 Responses to There’s No Place Like Home

  1. Margarita Sorock says:

    Congratulations to you and Diana for surviving the trip. I hope Diana´s house becomes a reality. It sounds just perfect! But, it would be much better to have you back on your own Colombian farm.

  2. rcravey says:

    I hope her home in Aggieland works out. It is an awesome place to be!!

  3. rcravey says:

    I hope her home in Aggieland works out. It is an awesome place to call home.

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