A House to Buy, A House to Sell

a happy houseMy daughter made an offer on a foreclosed property with a trailer out there in the College Station area of Texas near Texas A & M  University. It was a solid offer, not full price but still good. What did the bank do? They accepted someone else’s offer (an insider? a local yokel?, a cousin?) that was lower than Diana’s. Go figure. So her realtor found another place, a house, also in foreclosure, and closer to the university. My daughter put a bid in on that one, a HUD property, only to have the listing disappear from the HUD registry. We’re batting zero here with not much time left before she needs to relocate.

Then the trailer property was back in play as the other offer fell through, but the bank hasn’t given her a counteroffer. It’s like a game of Ping-Pong but the balls keep dropping off the table.

We’re selling our house in PA, fishing but no bites yet. And I’m also in the midst of an estate sale for my father’s house in Brooklyn, NY. I feel like a cook with various pots simmering and I’ve got to keep an eye on all of them.

What will happen next?

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One Response to A House to Buy, A House to Sell

  1. Diana says:

    Great post! : )

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