Where has the time gone?

How many of you have ever reconnected with friends you haven’t seen in almost 50 years?

50 years!!

L. to R.: Me, billy, and Paula

L. to R.: Me, Billy, and Paula

On Saturday, it seemed surreal as I met up with two former classmates from my elementary school days.  Not only were Henry, Billy, and I classmates, but we hung out at the playground and in the ‘hood together, and I haven’t seen them since junior high. It’s like  a whole lifetime has passed by. Can one ever catch up on that? Well, we tried. We reminisced over lunch, trying to name all the people in the fourth grade class picture I had brought.

L. to R.: Henry, me, and Paula

L. to R.: Henry, me, and Paula

It was another friend, Paula, who brought us together, and I hadn’t seen her in many years either. She stayed in touch with Henry and Billy, even though she didn’t go to our schools. She was a Catholic school girl while we were the public school “gym class heroes.”

I think that the older we get, the more we want to go back in time. Those were good days for me, and I didn’t mind remembering them. There was a sweetness and innocence in those memories–Brooklyn streets, dancing streets, corralling the boys or girls we liked for a kiss, hanging out in the park or playground, busting our sides with laughter, ……..and not worrying about tomorrow.

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One Response to Where has the time gone?

  1. Diana says:

    It is great that you were all able to reconnect after so much time : ) I especially love the end of your post. Very eloquently put and so true. When we are young, we do not worry so much about tomorrow or paying bills or any of the other many worries that come with adulthood and added responsibilities.

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