What’s happening with the farm house?

I haven’t said much about our house of late, and I’ve only been out there once. Roberto has been handling the supervision and it’s had its ups and downs. He kind of stalled on the septic system trying to figure out how to make the leach field. Then he stalled on installing a water tank because he needs help with the electrical part. I must say it’s not easy building a house when you’re not a builder and doing it for the first time. Some days he gets frustrated and says, “Let’s sell the farm.” Other days he calls me with an edge of excitement in his voice about the beauty of the land. And that’s pretty much how it’s been. Progress is slow but the inside plastering is done and some rooms are already painted. We bought a refrigerator today and a two-burner electric stove yesterday, provisionally, so Roberto has something to cook on, also a microwave. Most importantly, we have a coffeemaker. I LOVE Colombian coffee. Now if I could just get Roberto to buy me a folding bed, provisionally, I could stay out there. Still no bathroom yet, but there’s an outdoor bathroom I could use. Beautiful?

Our "outhouse"

Our “outhouse”

Pineapple plants

Pineapple plants













Our lovely coconut palms

Our lovely coconut palms










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4 Responses to What’s happening with the farm house?

  1. Margarita Sorock says:

    Congratulations! It looks great to me!

  2. Diana A Yarzagaray says:

    Very rustic outhouse : ) As long as it does the job right? )
    Wow, it’s great having pineapple and coconut trees growing on your farm. I appreciate your post and sympathize with how difficult it can be to have a house built from scratch. But I know once it’s done it will be worth it. You’ll have a whole house built how you wanted it and on an amazing property. I’m sending you well wishes and lots of good vibes. You and dad are doing a great job. I know dad has been working hard on the house. Hang in there.

  3. Donna Lazarus says:

    Looks so beautiful! Douglas says mom will be there in March. She will love it! Who wouldn’t? Keep on keeping on as they say. It will be a wonderful farm and home.

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