Roughing It

I spent my first overnight on the farm last weekend. Yay! It was one step above camping.

Roberto cooking

Roberto cooking

We cooked outside on electric burners, and I slept indoors on a bed we hurriedly bought. The bed consists of a carved wooden frame from Sampues (a pueblo  where they make and sell rustic wooden furniture) and a comfy foam mattress. It was great to sleep on. Here, I appreciate the mundane things in life and take nothing for granted as I see so many people living in the most basic way with little more than a roof and four rough walls. As I’ve said before, Sincerin, where our farm is located, is a very poor town–unpaved streets and simple dwellings. Many people cook outside with wood.

We have electricity, water and toilet outside, and a refrig inside. The rooms have been painted and I’m pleased with the colors. We contracted someone to put up ceilings and he was there on Sunday and Monday doing that. They look beautiful, really beautiful. Soon we’ll put down floors and paint the outside. Roberto likes to sleep in a hammock inside the house, but since the ceilings are up, he can no longer attach the hammock to the beams.

"Thai orange" for the living room/kitchen

“Thai orange” for the living room/kitchen

"Celery Green" color for the bedrooms

“Celery Green” color for the bedroom

The problem of getting internet hasn’t been solved yet. There are modems that you can get from the cell phone companies and we’ll have to try one out. They look like flash drives that you plug in to your computer. We used one last year but that was in Cartagena, and it didn’t work so well on the farm. Maybe they’ve improved the reception this year.

We have plenty of little critters around us–frogs in the outhouse, toads in my bedroom, geckos and lizards, spiders, flying cockroaches, snakes, tons of birds, and they all help us in some way so we leave them be.

A large spider in the manure

A large spider in the manure

I look around the farm and try to settle the thought in my mind that this is OUR farm, we own it, and we can build/plant/do whatever we want there. I can’t even put into words how wonderful that feels. I hope to be back there on Thursday or Friday with all our stuff. Next week my son is coming to visit, not that he’ll stay on the farm. He prefers the beach and the city, but it will be wonderful to see him.

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4 Responses to Roughing It

  1. Diana A Yarzagaray says:

    Great, great photos, and that looks like a cute spider ) The house is really coming along.The colors you chose are beautiful and vibrant. The property is so verdant and filled with lots of interesting little creatures. Congratulations!

  2. Looks like a wonderful place in the country, and you will both be so pleased to live there! Loved the spider, and the colors of the rooms. That orangy-yellow is just what I want for my new apartment! says:

    Congratulations to you both!

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