La Casa Rosada

I know that the president of Argentina has her own Casa Rosada, a palace really. But we have our own Casa Rosada (Pink House), too.  Love the color! It’s so intense you can see it from the main road. It stands out among the verdant leaves and brown grass. Our six-year-old granddaughter here in Cartagena loves fuchsia, so we told her we would paint the house in her favorite color. It glows in the sun. What do you think of it?


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5 Responses to La Casa Rosada

  1. Margarita Sorock says:

    You certainly stand out! Best of luck in the new home!

    Un abrazo de todo corazón,

  2. Paula says:

    Who needs GPS?

  3. Mary says:

    Love it!

  4. mayadeb02 says:

    Thanks, Mary. Best to you and your organization, VoiceFlame.

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