Rambo, Are You Homesick?

One week ago, we brought our suitcases and other stuff out to the farm.  I’m planning to stay permanently. At least, Roberto and I have beds so that’s comforting. Still cooking outdoors (we prefer it) and washing dishes in two plastic tubs. The GREAT NEWS is that we have a nine-month old, male golden retriever that we got from the boss of Roberto’s son’s wife. The family couldn’t keep him in their little apartment. We were ecstatic to receive him last Sunday and, almost immediately, renamed him Rambo (for rambunctious). What’s amazing is that Roberto and I, a few days before, had been commenting that we missed having a dog. We felt incomplete. Next thing you know, the Universe was responding with an offer of the sweetest dog you could imagine. We’re a little worried about him right now because he’s not eating well and is lethargic.

Is it  the heat? Is it homesickness for the family he left? What do you think?

Tomorrow, we’ll take him to the vet to examine him.

Handsome Rambo

Handsome Rambo



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One Response to Rambo, Are You Homesick?

  1. Margarita Sorock says:

    He’s beautiful!
    Un abrazo de todo corazón,

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