Rambo’s not well

Turns out that Rambo is not a puppy but a 1-1/2 y.o. young adult, and he’s quite sick. Took him to a vet on Saturday. She did a complete analysis–blood, urine, and feces. He’s anemic due to blood loss in urine, has a kidney infection, and some kind of tick-caused virus. No wonder he doesn’t want to eat or do anything. Started him on meds today. We have to give him shots and pills. Doc says he should perk up by tomorrow as she gave him a bunch of shots. What do you think about someone giving you a sick dog and not saying anything? What if we hadn’t taken him to a vet? He would eventually have gotten sicker and sicker.I hope he will recover. We really like him a lot. He seems to have a strong will.

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3 Responses to Rambo’s not well

  1. Margarita Sorock says:

    We all hope Rambo recovers rapidly and effectively. He is a beautiful dog.

    Un abrazo de todo corazón,
    Margarita, Paul, Primera Dama, Nelson Mandela, Alex Rodríguez, Ultimo e Intrépido

  2. I am sure with your love and care Rambo will recover in no time. Good you got him to a vet on time!

  3. mayadeb02 says:

    Thank you both for well wishes. Rambo is on a vitamin regimen, antibiotic for the ehrlichiosis, and another med to kill parasites but still not eating the special food we had to get. However, he’s in love with the refrig and goes there every time we open it. LOL.

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