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Mom Has Arrived / Cloud Above

A week ago today, my brother and his wife brought down our 93 y.o. mom to stay with us on the farm. She has Alzheimer’s disease and hasn’t figured out yet where she is, only that it’s sometimes very hot. … Continue reading

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Iguana Eggs

This time of year there are people out on the main road selling iguana eggs–small, oval-shaped eggs with a soft outer shell. I find it so disheartening and upsetting every time we drive by them. You see, they hunt the … Continue reading

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Unexpected Visitors

It arrived quietly. We thought it was a shadow on the underside of a broad green leaf by the water trough. On close examination we realized it was not one thing, but many tiny creatures surrounding and protecting their queen. … Continue reading

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Frisky Doggy

Rambo is feeling much better after 5 days of injections and antibiotic pills. He’ll stay on the antibiotics for a few weeks. Goes back to the vet on Monday. Living up to his full name–Rambunctious!!

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