Iguana Eggs

This time of year there are people out on the main road selling iguana eggs–small, oval-shaped eggs with a soft outer shell. I find it so disheartening and upsetting every time we drive by them. You see, they hunt the iguanas, kill them, and open them up to get the large quantity of eggs inside. Now, I understand that people here need to make a living to feed their families, but their thinking is short-sighted because the more iguanas that they kill and take eggs from, the fewer iguanas they’ll find next year. Duh!

In Costa Rica, when I lived there, people would do the same thing but there was some kind of law that they had to sew the iguana back up and not kill it. I hope that saved a few. Here, I’m told they use the iguana meat for fish bait. I see the men and boys walking along the road with their “hunting” dogs and I know they’re after the iguanas. They kill as many turtles as they can find too and eat them. There’s no environmental control and soon there won’t be any wildlife to speak of. Then people will bemoan what they had in the good old days.

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One Response to Iguana Eggs

  1. Margarita Sorock says:

    Horrible! Animal suffering is even worse than human suffering!


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