A more than million-peso bathroom and a poor frog

I haven’t written in a while, mostly because I’m not sure what to write and the internet is so slow on the farm. Lousy excuses, really.

Our elegant bathroom is finished. I never would have thought I could get excited about a bathroom but this one is large and fully tiled with beautiful pink flowers on a green vine. We ran out of tiles at the bottom and the store couldn’t get us more so we had to fill in with plain white. Looks OK but if I ever had to do it again, which I won’t, I wouldn’t tile all the way to the ceiling. I must say, though, that I enjoy spending time in there. Rambo does, too (see photo). Next project is the kitchen counters and sink. I don’t think that will take as long as the bathroom.



Thought I would show you the rawness of life on the farm–part of the food chain. This drama was happening among the pineapple plants (snake vs. frog). Small snake, big frog. I don’t know if the snake managed to swallow all.


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5 Responses to A more than million-peso bathroom and a poor frog

  1. Diana A Yarzagaray says:

    Wow! That is a gorgeous bathroom!! Nice colors and design from the toilet and kitchen sink to the walls. Really stylish ) Rambo looks so cool and comfy on the bathroom floor, haha. Also, that photo of the snake and frog is impressive. The rawness of life indeed.

  2. Margarita Sorock says:

    I bet yours is the most sophisticated bathroom on any Colombian farm! It is beautiful!

  3. Beautiful bathroom and beautiful dog! I’m so glad he’s well now. Does mom like him?

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