Return from NY/Improvements on the Farm

Returned from NY on Sunday the 6th, and I’m so glad to be back on the farm and in the heat. It’s really HOT. I think I’ll break down and get an air conditioner for the hottest part of the day and evening but first I need a door on my bedroom:)

I felt disturbed by the alienation I saw in NYC. On the subway and streets, people are connecting with their phones instead of interacting “live” with other people. I tried smiling at people wherever I went. In return, I got grim stares.

Meanwhile, there are improvements on the farm. The bohio was re-palmed. They had started that before I left (see previous post). The kitchen is done. And they finished a storeroom attached to the bathroom outside. Now they’re working on building a terrace on three sides of the house. It will help to keep the sun from directly entering our rooms and heating them up. We only have a few projects left to do. I’m so pleased since we hired Aurelio to be our foreman. And Roberto has been a wonderful supervisor. He also took care of mom while I was gone. Photos below.

Our finished kitchen

Our finished kitchen

Our shed/outhouse combo

Our shed/outhouse combo

The beginnings of our terrace.

The beginnings of our terrace.








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2 Responses to Return from NY/Improvements on the Farm

  1. Margarita Sorock says:

    WoW! It looks great! Congratulations.

    Un abrazo de todo corazón,

  2. Donna Lazarus says:

    Very sweet abode! You will love living there (I know you already do!).

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