No electricity, No water:(

Last week a wire broke near the house and it took two days for the electric company to send some contracted employees (who we had to pay) to fix it. The town had electricity but we didn’t. The worst part was not having fans in the heat. I had to keep hopping into the shower to cool off and at night I dodged mosquitoes under my covers. We had water because we have a big plastic tank that sits up high. We fill it with water from our well via a pump and then gravity brings it down to the house.

However, when the electricity was disrupted it caused one of the town’s water pumps to fizzle out and the townspeople have been without water for 10 days so far. People have been coming to our gate to ask for water and we have collaborated by letting them fill up plastic tanks. We have good drinking water and plenty of it. A couple of the people went on to sell the water we gave them but the town has eyes and ears and we quickly learned who they were. They weren’t allowed back. The town’s problem is that it doesn’t have the money to buy a new pump (long story about how that happens). I feel a lot of sympathy for the townspeople who have enough struggles in their lives to not have to worry about daily water searches. When you think about all the uses for water, I rather be without electricity than water. I’ll let you know what happens next.

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3 Responses to No electricity, No water:(

  1. Margarita Sorock says:

    We–humanity–definitely have to rethink the provision of water which avoids the waste and inequality we have today. I pity future generations if this doen´t take place soon!

    We seem to suffer from lack of water more than other neighborhoods in Cartagena but we pay and pay and pay nevertheless.

    The explanation for humanity´s water situation is undoubtedly corruption. That is intolerable!

    Un abrazo de todo corazón,

  2. mayadeb02 says:

    I suspect that the explanation for Sincerin’s water situation IS corruption as they collect water fees monthly. I’ve heard that water is the next scarce resource that will drive economies and separate us once again into “haves” and “have-nots.”

  3. Donna Lazarus says:

    Water is a very precious commodity (or gift of the earth) that we take for granted. But it will be a big problem in the Southwest where Aurora lives. People have to make accommodations and stop watering grass that doesn’t even belong there.

    I hope people get angry about the corruption. I see a gold mine collapsed and killed people, they blame it on FARC. An easy, all-around target for everything.

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