Water Returns

The townspeople of Sincerin, Colombia got water back today after 14 days without. It goes off again tomorrow for a day they said for cleaning the water towers. Unfortunately, fecal matter had been found previously in the water because of the lack of sanitation. It’s a bit more complicated than that, having to do with water tables and septic systems (or lack thereof).

I am grateful every day that we dug our own well and have abundant, clean water.

About Rambo, our escape artist, they’ve moved the cows from next door, so he’s wandering less. His playmates are gone:)

Sunday, I leave for the States for a three-week trip. Happy Mother’s Day to all.

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2 Responses to Water Returns

  1. Donna Lazarus says:

    Glad everyone has water again; hope no one gets cholera!

    How does Rambo like his quieter life? Missing his friends?

    What have you planted so far? Can Roberto do all the farming without you?

    Looking forward to seeing you in NY! Are you buying a house too while you are here? What a busy woman!

    Happy Mother’s Day!

    Much love!

  2. mayadeb02 says:

    So far, we’ve planted lots of yuca, some ahuyama, watermelon, and sweet potatoes.

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