Sadly Leaving Texas

Tomorrow I leave Texas and my daughter. It’s been a wonderful two weeks. She got to visit her dad and our farm in Colombia while I dogsat her three dogs and two additional adoptees from people across the street who moved and left the dogs behind.

Diana and her dogs

Diana and her dogs

Buffy in the sand after her bath.

Buffy in the sand after her bath.









Fluffy, mother of Buffy

Fluffy, mother of Buffy

Fluffy and Buffy are a very sweet mother/daughter pair who have lived their whole lives outside. We gave them baths today and they look a ton better. Also, put on flea and tick stuff. They have to remain separated from Diana’s three dogs because Lil Mama’s and Rocco don’t want to make friends. Lucky, the big lab, is always open to friendship and, in fact, Fluffy has the hots for him. Ah, the world of dogs! They’re so much fun.

Now it’s back to the farm and figuring out what to do with Mom. Her Colombian tourist visa expires in August and can’t be renewed again–180 days is the max they’ll give you. We’ll have to bring her back to the States, but to where is the question. Universe, please help me out with some answers.


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7 Responses to Sadly Leaving Texas

  1. Margarita Sorock says:

    Well, I am not the Universe but my response is to leave your mom where she is, “Papers” are the least important thing at this stage of her life. She is comfortable and well-cared for and surrounded by people who love her. What more could you ask for?

    • Donna Lazarus says:

      I think you are so right, Margarita! Are they going to come after her for papers? I don’t think so. And if they did? Pay a multa for heaven’s sake.

  2. Donna Lazarus says:

    Must be time for a nursing home for Mom. In Boston or New York?

    Can Diána open a dog refuge and study at the same time? I thought five cats were bad enough! But we manage. They’re so cute and affectionate. One is super beautiful, long-haired and black and keeps himself so pretty, but nobody ever sees him. Four under the bed, only fat Mocha comes out (to eat basically).

    What’s the word in Spanish (I always forget) for the crusty rice at the bottom of the pot that everyone likes so much?

    Missed you at my housewarming party! Teddy and Diahann came, and everyone admired Ted’s paint job so much.

    I’m spending tomorrow night at JFK to pick up Chyna, her flight comes in at 6:00am.

    The horrors of being a grandmother! Well, that’s me.

    Much love,


  3. Valri says:

    To Donna – pegado.
    Can you go to Panama or Ecuador and turn and come back for another 180 days? Or as Margarita suggested … I doubt that DAS (is it stilll DAS?) would come looking for her.

    • mayadeb02 says:

      On the coast they call the stuck rice “cucayo.” I asked about leaving the country and returning and was told by migracion that the 180 days is for the calendar year. Can’t come back this year if she leaves. Staying without proper visa could be a BIG fine.

      • says:

        I’m sorry to hear that 😦 What are the chances of getting a permanent visa? Considering the cost of senior facilities in the US, maybe even if you have to pay a service to help get a resident visa it would still be more economical. I could ask around (we have a couple contacts in Cartagena and Bogota that might have some suggestions).

      • mayadeb02 says:

        I’ll let you know Valri. Thanks for the offer.

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