In Memoriam (1920-2014)

Mom on our farm watching the sun set.

Mom on our farm watching the sun set.

Most of you know that mom transitioned on Saturday, June 14. I guess that’s the nice way to put it though we don’t know where she transitioned to. It’s a mystery that the universe holds out on us, one of many. Her ashes reside with us for the time being. We’ll probably bury them on the farm.  Here’s a poem I wrote about her.

Mother Sweetness

who made gingerbread houses

and fluffy merengue cookies in December

who put up stuffed Christmas stockings

who hid our Easter basket treats

who loved sweets as much as we did

and hid hers in the sofa

who wrapped us in her full skirts

when we cried

who hated camping but loved cabins

who taught me how to make paper mâché

and tie-dyed paper

who was my biggest supporter

who meted out monthly clothing allowances

who brought her Scottish background

and depression-era childhood

to bear on all things financial.

 Fair, kind, unselfish,

encouraging , loving, enduring.

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5 Responses to In Memoriam (1920-2014)

  1. Diana A Yarzagaray says:

    Such a great photo of grandma, rather perfect. She loved nature, taught us to love and appreciate nature. Thank you for that beautiful poem in memory of grandma ) She will be missed by so many and she will always be remembered and loved.

  2. Margarita Sorock says:

    I agree totally with Diana. The photo captures something about the personality of doña Catherine. The poem continues the same feeling.

  3. Jo says:

    Beautiful poem and sentiments. Sounds like I missed meeting a marvelous woman. I’m sure she shared her ‘fair, kind, unselfish, encouraging, loving, enduring’ spirit with everyone she encountered.

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