Can a 7 year old wear out a dog?

L to R: Luisa, Jhon, Roberto, Mayo, and Maya

L to R: Luisa, Jhon (correct spelling), Roberto, Mayo, and Maya

This past weekend Roberto’s son, his wife, and our seven year old granddaughter visited us on the farm and spent the night. They live in Cartagena, so they didn’t have far to come but it was a hot day and they arrived sweating. After some cool drinks, little Luisa Fernanda timidly approached our dog, Rambo. The last time she was here, he knocked her down in the sand, as he had done to me before, due to his over-enthusiasm. This time he was calmer and they promptly established a rapport.


Rambo LOVES coconuts.

Rambo LOVES coconuts.

They played with balls, sticks,and plastic bottles, ate cocos, and followed each other around the property. When Rambo got hot, he dipped himself in a small depository of water we have–Rambo’s “jacuzzi.”

To answer the question above: He was totally pooped out by the time she left (and she was still going strong:))

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2 Responses to Can a 7 year old wear out a dog?

  1. Donna Lazarus says:

    What a beautiful family! including Rambo! Glad he is well now, looks great!

  2. mayadeb02 says:

    Thank you. You have a beautiful family, too.

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