Construction Weary

…..So I’m in the States again, having visited my son in Newark, NJ and my daughter in College Station, Texas. Now I’m visiting my brother in Watertown, MA. I miss my hubby and the farm but from what I hear it is VERY hot and lacking rain. After all, this is the rainy season and we’re growing yuca, melons, beans, and ahuyama. They won’t do well without the rain.

Meanwhile, we’re almost, almost finished with the house. They guys are finishing the last two rooms in the back. Roberto, my husband, is weary of the construction details that he’s been supervising since last November. These guys work super slowly. I don’t have the latest photos yet but this is how the two back rooms looked before I left two weeks ago.


The house has begun to feel like a money drain. When will it end?







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One Response to Construction Weary

  1. Margarita Sorock says:

    You are correct. A house is a money drain.

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