Are we done yet?

The last two rooms of our house are almost finished. They’re being painted today. Two days ago, a worker came to put up the ceilings. Tiles are already on the floor. The carpenter almost has the doors ready to install. It’s been a long haul as we shell out money bit by bit. Seems endless, but today I see the end in sight. Here’s a haiku and some pictures of the process.

stone and cement
walls arise
our horizons expand




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2 Responses to Are we done yet?

  1. Margarita Sorock says:

    I love the haiku. I am so pleased that you think of walls not as things that enclose and limit, but expand and grow.

  2. Donna Lazarus says:

    I’m happy that your house is almost done! Maybe it is done now as I write this! You and Roberto have made a lovely home for yourselves and family in Colombia; you must be very proud as you see how it has arisen.

    Tomorrow is Diána’s birthday, and I have no addresses for her. Please send her my birthday greetings and congratulations. She must be happy about your two new dog additions! I’m sure she is looking forward to the new university semester. I think of her often.

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