Bits and Pieces on the Farm

Yesterday, around sunset (one of the most beautiful I’ve seen so far), about 5 or 6 young bulls penetrated our fence and came into our property. I think the grass was truly greener on our side.  They stomped on our pineapple plants and ate some of the yuca plants before Roberto was able to chase them out. They better not come back is all I’m going to say.


Here’s a photo of our ahuyama and some frijoles that we’ve harvested. I just cooked the frijoles with rice tonight. Delicious!




015                                                                    Puppies are doing well. Very frisky! Nine weeks old now. They venture out further and further off the terrace now. I hope they don’t get lost in the field.

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One Response to Bits and Pieces on the Farm

  1. Donna Lazarus says:

    Aren’t those dogs pretty big for nine weeks old? LOL! How big are they going to get? They look like they’ll be bigger than Rambo next week!

    I think one of my cats is part Siberian; he’s from a part of Brooklyn where Russians breed cats of different kinds. Must have let the macho Siberian out one night. Marley is long-haired but his hair doesn’t mat (a saleable feature of Siberians), and he’s sweet-tempered like they are.

    Great vegetables!

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