Road Trip to the Gulf Coast


026Took a trip with Roberto to the Texas Gulf Coast. Some nice little towns (Palacios, Port Lavaca, Port O’ Connor) and many bays there. Finally, got out to face the ocean gulf in Matagorda. Brought a hermit crab back to our hotel room by mistake. Thought it was an empty shell. Poor little crab! Roberto returned him to the shore.




They have a lot of Spanish town names here but they pronounce them differently and they sound very funny to an ear accustomed to Spanish. Palacios becomes Pa-LAY-shis. There was a town we passed through called Nada. It wasn’t much:)

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2 Responses to Road Trip to the Gulf Coast

  1. Donna Lazarus says:

    Beautiful pictures, Maya! Did you go in the water? Was it warm? Glad the hermit crab got back home safely.

    • mayadeb02 says:

      Yes, Roberto and I waded in the very warm bay waters of Port O’Connor where there were interesting shells along the shoreline. Most houses there were up on stilts.

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