Turkey or Tofu? Happy Thanksgiving

Heading back to my Colombian farm tomorrow morning. Been in Texas too long and it’s getting cold there and everywhere. Miss my hubby, doggies, and home there, for sure, but I loved spending the extra time with my daughter and her dogs. Stayed behind in the States due to some health problems. Doing better now.


Staying longer in Texas allowed me to see them move our new manufactured home to our property. We’ll be moving in during the spring. Texas here we come!!

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2 Responses to Turkey or Tofu? Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Diana A Yarzagaray says:

    The doggies and I enjoyed spending time with you too! ) Your new house looks great!

  2. Donna Lazarus says:

    Hi Maya,

    How is your health? Sorry that you had to stay longer in Texas due to health problems!

    Your new house in Texas looks very nice. Will it be warm enough when it is cold there? or will you go back to Colombia then?

    Are you bringing your dogs to Texas when you move?

    Best wishes for a very happy Thanksgiving! I am leaving for Albuquerque on Sunday. Alcides will drive me to the airport, and I have lots of requests from Aurora on what to bring her: spinach linguine, whiting in a frozen food bag, black soap, etc. What’s a daughter for?

    Miss you!



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